Pre Purchase Inspection




Recommended Before You Purchase Vehicle


Full Comprehensive Checkover Of Vehicle

Interior, Exterior, Engine Bay, Engine, Suspension

Service History, Tyres, Brakes, Fluids

Safety Checks and Test Drive

Report Provided



Pre Purchase Inspection  


If You’re in the Market for a Secondhand Vehicle, getting a Pre Purchase Inspection done by a Professional Mechanic is an Absolute Must.


Whether you are buying privately or through a car yard it is always important to get a independant and qualified third party to do a complete inspection before you commit to purchase.  Whether it be accident damage, poorly performed repairs or just neglect, having the vehicle you are interested in checked by a professional mechanic will ensure that you’re not buying a lemon!


Many people think if a vehicle has a roadworthy certificate that it means the vehicle is covered and must not have any issues. Unfortunetly many people get caught by this misperception.  A roadworthy only covers a certain number of issues with a vehicle and is only checked for those under the strict guildlines of Queensland Transport.


What Is A Pre Purchase Inspection?

A Pre-Purchase inspection inspects most aspects of a vehicle, including exterior and interior checks, as well as checking the engine bay, wheels and tyres, brakes and suspension. Your vehicle will also be road tested to check for engine and transmission operation.  
We will give you an expert and unbiased opinion on the vehicle you are looking at purchasing. 
Checks Included in the Pre Purchase Inspection Report: 
  • Vehicle lighting
  • Engine
  • Fluids
  • Radiator
  • Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Instruments & Gauges
  • Stereo, Radio and SATNAV (if fitted)
  • Electrical System
  • Heating & Air Conditioning System
  • Seats & Seatbelts
  • Underbody
  • Body & Paint Condition
  • Interior
  • Windscreen & Wipers
  • Wheels & Tyres


Once the inspection has been carried out, a detailed report will be provided.


A Pre Purchase Inspection Can Save You A LOT of Money 


  1.   Should the pre-purchase inspection identify any faults or repairs that are required, these issues can be used to negotiate a reduced price with the seller before purchase.
  2.   We will also look at the service history and when the next service is due, which can be another factor in negotiating a reduced price.
  3.   If a major service item is due, such as a timing belt or turbo service this can also be advised and can reduce the purchase price recommended.


On occasion the inspection can show a vehicle is just not recommended to purchase because:

–  The overall condition of the vehicle is poor

–  There is evidence of premature damage or wear that is not obvious to the untrained eye

–  There is stuctural damage that is obvious to the mechanic, but not easily seen by a purchaser.


But It Has A Roadworthy Certificate!

Unfortunetly too many people get caught by this Misperception.    



car parts

The Average Vehicle has Over 30 000 Parts.


There is a lot more to be considered when purchasing than what is covered in Roadworthy Certificate.


A roadworthy certificate inspection is not a comprehensive mechanical inspection on the quality or life expectancy of a vehicle.  A Roadworthy Inspection only cover a strict number of items within the guidelines set out by Qld Transport.



A vehicle can be passed as safe for the road and still require major upcoming work.

Give Yourself the Peace of Mind that you are Purchasing a Vehicle in Good Condition
That will Provide Safe Motoring for You and Your Family.


A Simple Pre Purchase Inspection Can Save You A World of Headaches and Money.