Coolant Flush


Recommended Every 6 Months or 10 000 klms

● Add cooling system cleaner to radiator
● Start engine and allow to reach operating temperature
● Remove bottom radiator hose and drain plug, drain old coolant
● Flush system with water to remove any deposits
● Refit radiator hose and drain plug
● Refill with fresh coolant and distilled water
● Bleed air out of the cooling system, inspect for leaks
● Road test vehicle to ensure correct operation
● Service Report Provided

Choose Your Coolant * 

Don’t Know Which Colour – Choose Green Coolant
(Don’t Worry We Will Make Sure The Right Coolant Is Used As Per Manufacturers Specifications)


Do I Need A Coolant Flush? 



How Do I Know If I Need a Coolant Flush?                


There are a number of factors that could determine if your vehicle needs it’s coolant replaced. It doesn’t pass freeze/boiling point and pH test.  It is contaminated with rust or other abnormal corrosives. The age of your current coolant is over 2 years. Your vehicle manufactures warranty or maintenance schedule show it’s due.

Unsure? Ask us at Protune Mechanical and have our mechanics check and test the condition of your coolant complimentry.

A Coolant Flush will help keep your engine from overheating and to avoid corrosion, flush through your cooling system and replenish it with new manufacturer specified coolant.

This will help your engine to stay hydrated and perform at optimal levels in warm and cool weather.


At Protune Mechanical as part of the coolant flush service will also check for:     


Scheduled maintenance requirements
Fluid contamination, sludge, rust
Visible scaling and corrosion in the radiator
Low coolant level causes
Indications of Leaks
Condition of Cooling Pipes


Much like you, your car engine needs to be hydrated while running, especially in the summer weather on the Sunshine Coast. In order for your engine to maintain the desired operating temperature the cooling system needs to redistribute heat away from the engine. This is accomplished by circulating coolant from the engine and through the radiator.


Over time your coolant will start to break down from everyday usage and will stop protecting your cooling system properly.


This Can Cause Expensive Damage:


Major engine damage
Damage to the radiator
Damage to the heater core

Corrosion problems
Damage to cooling system components


Be Safe and Keep Your Coolant Renewed.