Protune Mechanical Now Accepting Afterpay

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So what’s the deal with Afterpay?


Simply put, it’s a way for customers to offset the upfront costs of purchases, and pay for them in four equal fortnightly payments, with no interest or fees whatsoever.


Our cars that we rely so heavily on often have the worst timing.  They decide to have a major failure right when money is the tightest, or the service interval that used to be 6 months away is suddenly due next week. Keeping your car in good mechanical condition is important so that it doesn’t become a safety issue, or cost you even more money down the road due to lack of maintenance.


Afterpay gives customers that extra amount of flexibility around how they pay. With Protune Mechanical you can book a service or repair worth up to $1200 and put it on Afterpay.


You’ve then got four manageable, equal, fortnightly payments, and if you pay on time, you don’t pay a single fee.



How to sign up for Afterpay



  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid email address and mobile number that you can verify.
  • Have an Australian credit or debit card.



Book Your Service with Afterpay


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