Log Book Service


From $159



Price Dependant on Vehicle Manufacturer and Service Due.


✔  Performed By Qualified Mechanics

✔  To Manufacturer’s Specification

✔  Parts & Oils To Warranty Specifications

✔  LogBook Stamped

✔  We Guarantee to Protect Your Warranty



Log Book Service Prices Explained …


The price of each Logbook Service can vary greatly. Every car manufacturer and logbook schedule is different.

Some of the factors that determine the price are …


      • What Service is Due
      • Vehicle Make and Model
      • Individual Manufacturers Specifications
      • Warranty Clauses
      • Condition and Age of The Vehicle


” At Protune Mechanical In Kawana All Of Our Log Book Services Are Guaranteed to Protect Your Manufacturers New Car Statutory Warranty “


Main Dealers and Car Manufacturers like to make their customers believe that they have no choice but to get their cars serviced at a Main Dealers and pay premium prices.


However that is simply not the case, in fact it is Australian Law that every Australian Car Owner has a choice on where they get their cars serviced.


New laws have just been mandated in to ensure that protection stays in place for Australian consumers now and into the future.


If you want to know any more, feel free to contact us and discuss it with our Mechanics.

Want To Know More?


Here are some links to information from the ACCC and AAAA to keep you informed on your rights and choices ……

Choice Of Repairer Info (AAAA)

The Truth About New Car Servicing Brochure

Know Your Rights

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