4WD Service


Service Recommended Every 6 Months Or 10,000klm

Basic Oil and Filter Change
Parts and Labour Included
Safety Check & Report

What Engine Oil Should I Choose?

Service Details



✔ Engine Oil – Premium Semi Synthetic Engine Oil (Up To 8 Litres)

✔ Engine Oil Filter




Change Oil Filter

Flush and Renew Engine Oil

Check the Front Brake Pads & Rotors
Check Battery Electrolyte Level and Charge Rate Test
Check The Brake Fluid & Coolant Levels & Top Up If Required
Check All External Lights
Check Horn Operation
Check Tyres, Set Tyre Pressures & Report On Condition
Road Test
Service Report Provided

4WD Servicing

Whether you use your 4WD for around town, camping or in a harsh environment, we will give your 4WD a thorough service so you will have peace of mind wherever your travels take you. In addition we provide comprehensive invoicing for all work done and parts used, preventive maintenance reports to alert you to potential problems and we keep a full service history of your vehicle on our files plus we can customize servicing to meet your particular needs.


Whether you need just some minor repairs or a complete 4wd overhaul we are equipped to handle it. Here are just some of the services that we offer :


Major service.
Standard service
Minor service
Manufacturer’s Servicing (Book Service)
Expert advice
Cooling System Service & Repairs
Brake Repairs
Clutch o/hauls
Swivel Housing and Front Axle Overhauls
Wheel Bearing repacks and replacement
Steering, Repairs, Wheel Alignment and Balance
Suspension repairs and upgrades
Universal joint replacement
Drive shaft repairs
Fuel system repairs
Engine repairs
Gearbox o/hauls & repairs
Transfer case O/hauls & repairs
Differential O/haul & repairs
All types of Mechanical repairs
Auto Electrical repairs
Airconditioning repairs
Pre purchase inspections
Pre trip servicing
Pre trip inspections



Did you know that your car needs and oil change at least every 10,000klm or 6 Months.


One of the simplest and most effective ways (price- wise as well) to prolong the life of your car and specifically the one of it’s engine, is to change the oil and the oil filters regularly!


Oil serves for car functioning just the same way as the blood does for humans. It gets rid of friction, lessens wear, provides lubrication, forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls. Simultaneously it keeps the engine pasts cool.


If you do not change your engine’s oil regularly. then the carbon and varnish buildup and become toxic for your engine. Engine oils even absorbs the shock and noise of automotive moving parts.





If your car has gone over the service schedule we advise you also to get a professional engine oil flush with your service.


See Professional Grade Engine Oil Flush for more information.